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If you are part of the Goodreads community and would like to follow me, my username is PrintedFeet. I’m new on Goodreads and have only rated a few books, but I have a lot I want to read and will update my ratings as I go.


For my fellow Wattpad-ers out there, I’m working on a series that will serve as a prequel to the book I am currently working on. My Wattpad username is PrintedFeet. I am currently working on ‘Death of the Green Planet’, a prequel to my future novel that offers insight into the founding of my novel’s society.


You can find me at PrintedFeetBlog. I try to pin useful writing resources for my fellow script maniacs out there:) And also character inspiration and landscapes for my Wattpad prequel to help you visualize the characters and setting a little more.

I look forward to hearing from you!