Eve: The Awakening Review (Spoiler-Free)


Title: Eve: The Awakening

Author: Jenna Moreci

Genre: Fiction

Where to Find it: Amazon

Price: Paperback – $14.03

Brief Summary

Evelyn Kingston is a Chimera – a person with superhuman abilities that have unwittingly attracted a race of aliens to Earth. These aliens, known as Interlopers, are after one thing: the Gift, the genetic deviation that allows Chimeras to achieve spectacular levels of telekinesis. After an early (and particularly devastating) emergence of her Gift, Eve grows up and becomes desperate to rid herself of her marred past. Solution: Billington, the university that will hopefully allow her some much-needed anonymity. Unfortunately, Eve is not so lucky. During her first few months on campus, she faces mounting hatred against Chimeras and rising complications for those who share her Gift. After a series of events reveals something about Eve that puts her in immediate danger, Eve and her university friends must band together and fight the extraterrestrials determined to strip Eve and everyone like her of the very thing that keeps them alive.

What I liked:

Honestly, I loved the relationship between Eve and her fellow characters. There was a fantastic amount of diversity, and the secondary characters certainly delivered the humor. I also found the romance enjoyable, as neither character compromised their character or their independence for the sake of their relationship. Their motivations for continuing the plot were clear, and I enjoyed reading their time together on the page. Thirdly, Moreci’s fight scenes are riveting. They can get a little long at times, but the detail and level of shit talking make them fun to read. You can imagine every punch and kick, and it serves to draw the reader further into the action. Lastly, I appreciated how the story focused on two solid and socially relevant central themes: intolerance and perseverance in the face of adversity. The entire world hates chimeras due to the alien plague they have unknowingly brought to the earth, and Eve must face this discrimination daily. Despite this and the horrendously terrible odds, Eve and all of her friends remain determined to do their part to end the growing invasion.

What I Didn’t Like:

Despite the many high points of the manuscript, there were a few things I did find lackluster about this book. The villain, while sufficient regarding the levels of menace and suspense, is slightly shallow. Their presence seems far-off throughout most of the novel, lost in the midst of the many fight scenes and interpersonal conflict distributed throughout the book. I also found the secondary antagonists annoying. Reading them became aggravating, which may very well be intentional, since they are antagonists, after all. Finally, the lead up to the climactic moment is fairly cheesy, with some very on-the-nose dialogue that doesn’t quite land with the reader. However, Moreci rectifies this with the last section of the climax, which had me on the edge of my seat until the concluding chapter.

Would I Recommend it?

I would recommend Eve: The Awakening to those who like a sci-fi thriller with a modern twist. The setting is highly relatable to most people – most readers 18 years old and above will have been on some sort of college campus and can relate to the struggles and experience Eve faces while trying to fit in. Additionally, I appreciated the novel’s two driving central themes: perseverance in the face of adversity and the importance of tolerance. It echoes some of the issues we face in society today with the lack of tolerance for diversity, as well as the jealousy we feel when others excel where we do not. Eve faces discrimination daily, sometimes even to the point of violence. As the narrative is from her point of view we are able to experience the anger, numbness and the eventual callousness developed when under the pressure of constant duress and hatred. Eve and her friends face obstacle after obstacle and the stakes were continuously high, the protagonist characters likable, and the fight scenes fantastic. The other issues, in my opinion, are understandable in a debut novel. Altogether, the book was an enjoyable read that I learned a lot about writing from. So, in conclusion, I would recommend Eve: The Awakening to sci-fi fans who want a modern twist on the genre.

Additional Comments and Links:

Amazon link to buy: https://www.amazon.com/Eve-Awakening-Jenna-Moreci-ebook/dp/B00XKSLHPQ

Read my spoiler-free review on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2192947991

*This review is not compensated and is my honest opinion of this book


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