Writing Your First Draft: Staying Motivated

Hi, Everybody!

It’s no secret that writing a novel is a pretty massive undertaking.

It takes a lot of time, determination, and grit. Plus, you have to be willing to read your own work while going, ‘What the #$%* was I thinking?’

So, it makes sense that sometimes us writers lose motivation. When that happens, it’s easy to ‘take a break’ from your project, or start dreading the writing process. While that might be the easy road, if you love your story, you have to stick with it! 😃

You may notice a few of these tips from my last post, but here is a short list of the things I’ve found helpful for staying motivated while writing:


1. Pinterest

I absolutely love Pinterest, mostly for this reason. It is a treasure trove of character inspiration, location ideas, and writing advice. You can look up anything from fantasy characters to Atlantean concept art and get a result. I’m actually kind of addicted to Pinterest. I have a board for my novel characters, and for the characters of a Wattpad story that I’m working on. If you’d like, you can find those here and here.

2. Reading for Research

A lot of people suggest reading outside your genre. It’s great for discovering different writing styles and noticing other author’s unique voices. But, when it comes to staying inspired for my genre, I like to read inside my favorite genre (YA Dystopian Fiction). It’s nice to observe other author’s skills as they create scenery and characters. I particularly like reading different writing styles. Some authors write in third-person past-tense, while others use first-person present-tense. For me, I like to read how they handle training sequences and character relationships.

3. Spend Time Reading Articles

Writing advice articles will always have a place on any author’s go-to list. Many published and to-be-published authors create useful website articles. These articles focus on things like writing your first draft, staying motivated, or editing. Experienced authors offer a voice of experience, which is invaluable when you’re working on your manuscript.

4. Watch YouTube Videos*

You can find some amazing good videos on YouTube about writing your book. The topics range from plotting basics and character construction to choosing and editor and the self-publishing process. Two of my favorite YouTubers are Jenna Moreci and Vivien Reis. You can find their channels here:

Both Jenna and Vivien put their own spin on what they’ve learned. They have either published or will be publishing their own books, so they can offer some pretty useful insight into the writing process. They also have their own websites, which I have below:

5. Create a Book Playlist or Write Flash Fiction

This one definitely gets your creativity motor running. I love listening to music when I write. It can help bring out the emotion I need to write a certain scene. Others might enjoy writing mini-fiction stories to keep their mind generating ideas. Some keep a book journal where they hand-write out ideas.


So, there are a few ideas to help keep you going. If you love your story, please, PLEASE don’t give up on it. I know finding the time to write can be difficult, but even 200 words a day adds up. You can even write it on your phone. I use Evernote’s* free app to jot down ideas and write some of my blog posts because I can work on it anywhere I have WiFi or data. I hope this post has given you some useful ideas. If you’ve enjoyed reading this, or have ideas for future posts, please let me know in the comments!

Chase those authorly dreams!


(*None of These Mentions are Sponsored: This is my honest opinion*)


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