My Writing Journey: New Year’s Update

Hey There!

Happy New Year! I hope that you all were able to spend time with your loved ones as you celebrated the arrival of 2017! A lot has happened in 2016 that will have a lasting impact on many people’s lives. 2017 is the year to turn pain into purpose and use our passion to drive us forward into new beginnings! I hope that you will all join me in making this year a huge leap forward toward our individual and collective purpose(s)!

I know the whole ‘New Year – New Start’ thing is a little worn out, but it really is a chance to get back on your feet, leave the past behind and start anew. Honestly, you can do this any day, hour or minute. A fresh start is a fresh start, no matter when it happens. So if you’re feeling a little left out, remember – everything happens in its time. So long as you are working to improve, you are moving forward. Stand firm in it!

“Therefore, if anyone is united with the Messiah, he is a new creation – the old has passed; look, what has come is fresh and new! And it is all from God, who through the Messiah has reconciled us to himself and has given us the work of that reconciliation, which is that God in the Messiah was reconciling mankind to himself, not counting their sins against them, and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation.”

2 Corinthians 5: 17-19 CJB

Jesus gives everyone in Him a fresh start! With that said, learn from the past, leave it where it is and move forward into your new beginning! God is working out His amazing, miraculous and divine purpose, and it is such a huge blessing to be able to be a part of it!

“I am doing something new; it’s springing up – can’t you see it? I am making a road in the desert, rivers in the wasteland.”

Isaiah 43:19 CJB

Let 2017 be the year you see what He’s doing, and move toward fulfilling the amazing purpose He has given you!

Novel Update

I’m not even going to lie. These past few days I have made absolutely NO progress on my novel aside from talking to myself in the shower in order to figure out the dialogue. (Am I crazy? Maybe a little 😀 ) But as soon as I’m done with this post, I plan on working on my 15th chapter. I am so excited because this means I am MORE THAN HALFWAY THROUGH my first draft! Every chapter gets me closer and closer to my goal, and the story continues to unfold in ways that surprise me. I’m so thankful that God has blessed me with the time and opportunity to write this book. It has been a lifelong dream of mine and every minute of fulfilling it leaves me amazed and in awe of how He works! ♥

Wattpad Update

Again, no progress has been made in Wattpad Chapter 11 due to the holidays. However, I am going to work on it and my novel simultaneously and will hopefully post an update within the next week!

What I’ve Learned

This last week has been important to me. Through it, I’ve learned the necessity of putting life before writing. Now, this writing advice is going to be a little unconventional, considering most of what you will see on the internet is more or less along the lines of, ‘Whatever it takes – Write that book!’ To be perfectly clear, I’m not badmouthing those who utilize this approach, rather quite the opposite. Ambition and drive are some of the most important qualities a person can have and they serve to help propel us forward.

What I am saying is this: Don’t let your life take a backseat to your writing. Don’t pay less attention to your loved ones than you do to your characters. Or less attention to your actual world than the one you’re trying to build in your book, short story, etc.

So often when we write, we miss out on the important human connections that make life fulfilling. This year, develop a write-life balance that nurtures your and those around you. Remember the things that make your life wonderful.

You are actually living YOUR life. Not your characters, no matter how attached to them you are or how lifelike they have become to you. Their life is not your own. As hard as this is for a hardcore book-lover like me to say – all any written character will ever be is words on paper. Though they can be inspiring, helpful and encouraging in many ways, they don’t breathe in the air that you do. They can’t hug your family and friends like you can. They can never give the one-on-one, personalized advice that you give to someone you love and support. And they can never make anyone feel as loved as you can. The bottom line is this: Prioritize your loved ones and your life over your writing.

Be as determined in your own life as you are in building your characters, and see what happens!

Life comes first. Writing comes after. It’s the absolute bottom line. Moments to write happen all the time, but moments to hear your sibling laugh, spend time with your parents, joke around with your friends, hug your partner, play with your pets or give encouragement are not always at our fingertips. Enjoy them, make the most of them and most of all – appreciate them for all the wonder that they are.

In the words of T.I and Rihanna, LIVE YOUR LIFE!

Goals for the Upcoming Week:

  • Focus on Reality 😀
  • Finish Chapter 15 of Novel
  • Finish and Publish Chapter 11 of ‘Death of the Green Planet’ on Wattpad


What are your writing goals for this week? Please leave them in the comments!



Go forward!

Be Strong.

❤ God bless ❤


Sources: Complete Jewish Bible


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    • Thank you so much! I’m so glad that you enjoyed reading it:) It’s important not to get so caught up in the hustle we lose sight of what really matters😊


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